Medical and Small Business Consulting

Growth Analysis and Implementation Plan

As the healthcare industry slowly shifts toward a value-based model, certain aspects – in particular the communication between medical practice and patients, and how that dynamic directly affects the patient – remain universal. While each of Hyperion Consulting’s four offered consulting packages contain key elements in keeping a private medical practice up and running successfully, as each package is specifically designed for a medical business in diverse stages of growth and success.

The Growth Analysis and Implementation Plan is our most popular plan – and for good reason. This particular package includes all of the necessary components of the Execution and Strategic Vision Plan, but integrates additional key incentives to run your business even more efficiently, with a targeted eye on financial responsibility and advertising initiatives. Even in the case of a business currently proving successful in their own competitive healthcare area, this plan deliberately includes all the basics not limited to a staffing assessment, patient population review, and advertising cost analysis. Although each medical business has its own unique needs, this package includes the fundamental components to keep a successful private office running efficiently.

Evaluation Report

As part of Hyperion Consulting’s area of expertise, evaluation of your practice’s daily operations are thoroughly examined for further future growth. This includes a cost savings analysis and industry comparison in addition to practice evaluation.

Staff Training and Competency Assessment

Although all medical offices should be careful in its selection of office staff, continued success, and prosperity is wholly dependent upon the efficiency and productivity of its employees. Hyperion Consulting’s hands-on training provides the tools to keep you and your staff ahead of the game.

Market Competitive Analysis

In today’s value-based medical industry, a competitive edge has become crucial in not only providing your patients with the most modern and dependable healthcare option, but also in remaining current in acknowledging modern trade trends. Hyperion Consulting’s comprehensive analysis of your specific medical field’s current market will educate you on the areas of focus to keep your practice.

Cost Savings Plan

Even if your private practice is running efficiently, keeping a proper eye on your office’s budgetary concerns is always an ancillary responsibility to the attention that your patients require. With this feature, Hyperion Consulting can simplify your true budget needs, proactively ensuring that you still maintain the great for-profit growth with no loss towards your abilities towards the highest-quality healthcare.

Website and Advertising Review

While advertising and internet presence is never a direct reflection on the quality of your private practice’s professionalism and service, if you’re actively seeking a larger clientele and network of patients, it’s crucial that your business makes itself known in your geographical area. Our consulting experts will review your current visual status and educate in the ways to make your quality services known to the largest demographic possible.

Growth Analysis

An exclusive addition to this plan, the Growth Analysis includes in-depth initiative to monitor your current market status and evaluate how your business can expand further according to relevant market trends. This includes A Patient Population Review, Ideal Patient Population and Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan and Implementation, and a Full Digital Strategy Implementation program – all geared for comprehensive demographic knowledge and industry intelligence.

Marketing Plan and Implementation

Directly related to our Website and Advertising Review feature, our Marketing Plan goes on step further – not only evaluating your current methods of website and advertising, but actively assisting with the creation of a unique marketing model that perfectly suits your practice’s specific area of healthcare and demographic. A true step further in the direction of making your medical business recognized, this package incentive includes Assistance and Coordination in Website Design, the “Growth, Target Market and Market Segmentation 1-year Plan,” Google SEO and Analytics (which ensures that your business receives the internet recognition that it deserves), Social Media Implementation, Blogging (an optional addition if applicable to your healthcare field), and Digital Advertising Implementation.

Located in Ellicott City, Hyperion Consulting proudly serves members of the healthcare industry throughout Maryland – Baltimore, Towson, Catonsville, and the surrounding areas – and our services are available to all healthcare practitioners nationwide. Let Hyperion Consulting help you create the perfect medical practice that you’ve envisioned, ensuring that your focus will always be where it belongs – on the wellbeing of your patients.Call 443-752-2524 and contact Hyperion Consulting today for a free consultation and let us know your unique business needs.