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How You Are Wasting Time In Your Medical Office

How You Are Wasting Time In Your Medical Office

Efficiency should be a primary concern of medical offices.

A medical office should constantly be focused on ways to become more efficient. It is important always to remember that time is money! A medical practice’s business strategy should be formulated by how to get the most amount of patients through their doors. The more patients a medical practice serves, the more revenue it will generate. To maximize profits, here are some of the most common time wasters that you should eliminate from your medical office.

Not Using Electronic Paper Charts

Why are you still relying on paper in your medical office? With technology the way it is nowadays, paper is becoming a thing of the past. With that said, if you haven’t already, it is time to make the transition to electronic paper charts to maximize efficiency. Instead of fumbling through a filing cabinet, you can easily access a patient’s history online with electronic patient charts. Regarding business strategy, going paperless should be a high priority for your business. As soon as you make the switch, you should start to see the benefits right away!

Appointment Reminders

As courteous as it is to send all your patients’ appointment reminders before their appointment reminders, it sucks up too much time out of the day. Your medical office staff is in no way obligated to call up a patient to let them know they have an appointment coming up. However, if you do feel strongly about the importance of appointment reminders, you can opt for an automated patient appointment reminder that calls a patient a day or two before their scheduled appointment.

Patient Statements

Are you currently having members of your staff prepare patient statements every month? This is a tedious process and a major time waster. Instead of taking the time to print out reports and mail them out, you can make everything accessible online to the patients. This way they can quickly access all of their information online. You also will save your staff plenty of time of the monotonous task of sending them by mail every month.

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