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Training Your Medical Staff To Use The Latest Technology

Training Your Medical Staff To Use The Latest Technology

Training your medical staff to use the latest technology is an essential part of growing your practice.

No matter what type of medical practice you run, every business needs a well-trained medical staff. In this day in age, training your staff on using the latest technology software is essential to growing your practice, as many businesses are going paperless. While some of your team may be reluctant to transition from a paper-based office to one that only uses digital systems, proper training will help make the changeover much more comfortable for everyone.

Provide Basic Training First

If your practice mainly uses paper in your day-to-day operations, it’s essential to start with basic computer skills training. However, providing this training to those who already have certain skills in software and technology will just waste time, so be sure to identify every employee’s talents before providing training. If you’re not sure how an employee carries out their daily tasks, take the time to watch them complete a few tasks that can be done with technology instead of paper. For example, if your front desk staff scans and prints patient’s documents, ask if they know how to save those documents as PDFs and how to attach them to the patient’s file in your health record software.

Also, it may be helpful to have all employees take a free computer proficiency test online to get an idea of everyone’s skill levels. You can provide staff training to those who need it most by paying for a community college course, asking a qualified employee to volunteer a few days a week, or trying out a free online course.

Train Staff Only On Technology They Will Use

While it’s important for your medical staff to know about technology and software used in the office, it’s not necessary to train every employee on every single feature of the software. You only need a few members of your team to know everything about the software you use, as they can help others you get stuck and have questions. Otherwise, spending time teaching every employee about features they will likely never use is time-consuming and will only slow down implementation of the new technology. Also, teaching a staff member too much information at once is likely to cause confusion, while sticking to a few key features will let them absorb the information much quicker.

Post-Implementation Feedback

Training shouldn’t end with implementation, as getting feedback from your medical staff is the most vital part! Encourage your staff to be open and honest about the new technology, and ask for any suggestions of how the software could be more efficient. If your medical staff is unhappy with the technology they use every day, your practice will suffer. Meet with your team and brainstorm ideas on how to make their work easier and as efficient as possible, and work with them to solve any pressing issues.

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