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Things To Remember When Training Your Medical Staff

Things To Remember When Training Your Medical Staff

There are several things to keep in mind when training your staff.

It doesn’t matter if you are a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist, you always need a well-trained medical staff by your side. If you are trying to grow your practice, you want to surround yourself with well-trained people who will help you retain and gain clientele. Here are some things to remember when you are training your medical staff.

Body Language

You want your staff to represent your practice well. Your staff is doing your practice a real disservice if they have poor body language. A staff member who doesn’t face a patient when they are speaking or is constantly slouching at the office is a poor reflection on you.


It is always a good idea to cross-train your medical staff because it provides your practice with flexibility. For example, in the event your front desk person is not able to make it into work one day, you could maybe have one of the nurses take overall that role.


There are new gadgets and electronic equipment hitting the market on a consistent basis. It is important to continuously train your staff on the newest technologies available. This is because you want your staff to stay current and knowledgeable of anything that could potentially help a patient.

Handling Difficult Patients

Some people are just hard to work with. There are plenty of people who like to complain and others who are constantly making special requests. Your medical staff needs to be able to cope with difficult patients.


This simply cannot be overstated. Language is extremely important in customer service. You want your medical staff to sound confident, but not condescending. They should sound eager to help in any way they can. In addition, politeness can go a long way. If your patients have good encounters with your staff members, they will tell their friends and family which should hopefully bring you more business.

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