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How To Receive More Patient Referrals For Your Medical Practice

How To Receive More Patient Referrals For Your Medical Practice

Don’t underestimate the power of patient referrals.

Patient referrals should be a high priority for every medical practice. If you are trying to attract more patients, you can’t only rely solely on word of mouth. This is where many practices go wrong. If you market your medical practice effectively online you should soon have new patients waiting at your door. Here are some ways you can receive more patient referrals for your practice.


Blogs are incredibly underused today. If you are putting out informative and useful content every week you will have a leg-up on a lot of your competitors. First, determine what kinds of topics interest your targeted audience. After you have done so, generate a list of blog topics and keywords. Try and get your team involved and see what you all can come up with.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are great tools for your medical practice. Nowadays, you are foolish not to take advantage of social media if you own a business. People are always fixated on their phones and are constantly scrolling through all of the platforms. Oftentimes, when people are in need of a service, they will turn to social media for help. You also want to remain active by answering any questions you receive on your social media sites.

Email Marketing

For whatever reason, there are many medical practices who seem to forget about email marketing. If you provide useful and informative content it can extremely effective at reaching patients. Determine what kinds of information would appeal to people and then go from there. You could also direct people to your blogs through those email. Every time you post a blog, you should aggregate it to all social media sites, as well as through email.

Ask For Reviews/Show Your References

Why not ask your current patient base for reviews? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! For example, ask your patients if they would be kind enough to leave a review on your website. It is also a good idea to showcase any awards or any honorable mentions that your practice received online. This will make potential patients feel more comfortable choosing to go to your practice.

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