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How Medical Practices Should Use Email Marketing

Learn how email marketing can help your medical practice!

Learn how email marketing can help your medical practice!

Email marketing is one of the most simple ways medical practices can keep up with old patients, as well as bring new prospective patients to your practice. However, if used incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect and turn new patients away if they feel they are receiving too many emails. Here are some tips on different email marketing categories that can work for your practice to generate a high return on investment.


If your practice is running a special or deal on a procedure, you want to promote it to as many patients as possible! A great place to start is by emailing your list of current patients to get the word out to those who you already know are interested in your practice, and are likely to recommend your services to a friend. Promoting various offers and specials over email is one of the most cost-effective strategies, but be sure not to spam your patients’ emails. Sending one email every two weeks or so is a good schedule to keep patients engaged without overwhelming them.


If your medical practice is holding an event of some kind, promote it to your patient-base over email in addition to posting on your social media pages. Email is a great way to reach out to old patients who you haven’t seen in a while, as well as introduce new patients to your practice. Email campaigns are also very successful in gaining RSVPs to your event.


Who doesn’t love special birthday offer emails? Sending an email to patients who have a birthday that month is always a great way to make patients feel as though they are valued, and a special discount is hard for anyone to turn down! In addition to the offer, many people feel as though they should treat themselves to something special for their birthday, and a visit to the plastic surgeon or dermatologist may be just what they need.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Practice

Email marketing is essential for patient retention and will help to keep former patients from going to another practice. Patients will be able to tell when emails are crafted carefully and thoughtfully and are more likely to stay with a practice that respects them. Over time, patients will look forward to the emails and take advantage of all the offers, refer their friends to your practice, and write positive reviews.

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