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Marketing Strategies Every Plastic Surgery Practice Should Use In 2018

Every plastic surgery practice should use these marketing strategies for 2018.

Every plastic surgery practice should use these marketing strategies for 2018.

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity in the U.S., so a successful marketing strategy in 2018 is more important than ever. Staying on top of the latest technologies and techniques is vital for growing a plastic surgery practice, and an effective online marketing strategy is the most beneficial way to gain and retain more clients.

Social Networks

85 percent of people use the internet to learn more about services, so having a strong web presence is vital for every practice. However, having an updated website is no longer enough to gain new clients; your practice must also be active on as many social media accounts as possible. Using social networks not only allows you to reach new clients that may have never found you otherwise, but it also allows you to build a relationship with potential patients before meeting them. Many people are nervous about plastic surgery for the first time, so answering questions and providing informative videos on YouTube is a great way to gain their trust and eventually gain them as a patient.

Increase Revenues

20 percent of existing patients would take advantage of more procedures if they knew about them, so don’t be afraid to market procedures or specials to specific patients! Longtime patients trust you and your opinion and are likely to take advantage of procedures if you recommend them personally- especially when you offer them a discount or special offer. Encourage those patients to refer their friends and family as well, and share your practices Facebook and Twitter accounts with their followers.

Customer Service

While some customers believe that the age of quality service is dead, don’t let them think that about your practice! Using social media and online tools for marketing is great, but the patient still needs to be impressed with your practice when they step in the door. Always practice quality patient service, and take the extra time to teach your staff how to take care of patients. Many new patients won’t even consider a practice with low or mediocre reviews, so treating every new and old patient with that highest quality service is one of the most critical marketing strategies for every practice.

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