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How To Market Your Dermatology Practice To Gain New Clients

Learn how a marketing strategy can attract new patients, retain old patients, and increase awareness of your dermatology practice.

Learn how a marketing strategy can attract new patients, retain old patients, and increase awareness of your dermatology practice.

As the demand for dermatological procedures and treatments continues to rise, you may think that new patients will be knocking at your door, waiting for their chance to see a doctor at your practice. However, this isn’t the reality of the situation, as you can’t expect patients to find you if you don’t market your business. When it’s done right, a marketing strategy will attract new patients, retain established patients, increase awareness of your office location and help increase revenues.

Stand Out In The Industry

Your marketing strategy should start by assessing your practice’s current needs, capabilities, and goals. Start this by establishing your value proposition, which is a simple summary that shows a new patient why they should choose you over another practice. Then focus on what makes your practice unique. For instance, do you handle medical dermatological situations, are you are open to more insurance companies than other practices, or does your practice have extensive experience? If so, take whatever makes your practice unique and use that as the main focus of your marketing process.

Reaching Potential Patients

The most effective method of marketing is the use of online options and strategies, as they provide faster and greater returns on your investment. Also, the primary way that patients are looking for services is by searching for a local business near them on their phone or laptop, and you want your business to be at the top of the list.

Update Local Listings

Google My Business is a great tool for small businesses to get their information properly listed. The platform gets your practice on Google Maps and helps you rank higher on local searches so new patients can find you easily. Also, make sure that you’ve correctly implemented schema markup on your website to ensure that Google can find important contact information and display it in the search results. This makes it even easier for new patients to call and see your address before even clicking on your website.

Online Promotions

Using online promotions is also a great way to promote your business online and generate new clients. Social promotions are common and a great way to get people to interact with your social media accounts. Simply offer a prize or coupon in exchange for liking or sharing a post, following your account, or even better- opting into your email list.

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