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Key Digital Marketing Trends For 2017-2018


Prepare your medical practice by adapting to key digital marketing trends for 2018.

We know that in this day in age, having an online presence is essential for all businesses. The way business is done is changing rapidly, as it is now all about digital marketing and social media platforms. As social media continues to grow, digital marketing strategies must evolve and change to keep up with the multiple different platforms. To prepare your business or medical practice for next year, it’s time to start adapting to the new trends in digital marketing.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a low cost, high ROI (Return On Investment) approach, and can be very helpful in advertising your practice to gain exposure. An emerging tactic right now is to promote stories on Facebook’s News Feed to increase views and followers for your business. Another method that is trendy is to give social users offers, such as a discount or coupon code, to promote your products and services. You followers are much more likely to share one of your business’s posts on Facebook or to tag your account on an Instagram post of them advertising a product if they know they’ll get something beneficial in return. This tactic creates great advertising across multiple platforms and delivers awareness and traffic for your practice.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming a huge trend, and it’s important for medical practice’s to know how to use this tactic correctly. Use Instagram and Facebook to post shorter videos, and save longer videos for Youtube. Video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be very low cost and is an effective way to provide informative content to your clients and potential new clients

Talent Gap

The talent gap, or skills gap, is the root cause of unsuccessful campaigns in digital marketing. A talent gap is where there are more jobs than qualified people to fill them. This gap is very large in the U.S. and only continues to grow larger. The positions need to be filled somehow, and when under-qualified people are hired to fill those jobs, it results in inappropriate budgets, misinterpretation of data and ad spending on outdated techniques.

As we enter 2018, expect more companies to increase training in digital marketing for generalists and specialists. Generalists, or younger, less-experienced practitioners, can improve their contributions by learning the basics of marketing, and apply core principles in a more creative way. And specialists, or classically-trained marketers, can help brands acquire new digital skills and help them rise above the competition. The specialists at Hyperion Consulting have over 25 years of experience in the healthcare and business worlds and can assist your practice with everything from the initial marketing place to competitive analysis and staff training and assessment.

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