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How To Deal With Angry Social Media Followers

Are you unsure of how to deal with angry social media followers and negative comments? Take a look at our tips!

Are you unsure of how to deal with angry social media followers and negative comments? Take a look at our tips!

While having a social media presence and connecting with clients is essential for growing your medical practice, sometimes this comes with angry followers who want to voice their frustrations to you via Facebook or Twitter. This is bound to happen to almost every practice at some point, and it is only a disastrous situation if you don’t know how to deal with it. The way you handle angry social media followers has the potential to make or break your brand, so here are a few tips on the best way to deal with negative comments online.

Always Respond

The worst thing you can do when a complaint or negative review shows up online is to ignore it. You want to respond as soon as possible, as many people just want to know that their opinions are heard. This is why it’s important to monitor all of your social media accounts, so no comments or complaints are missed and left unattended. Even if you unintentionally miss a comment, the person will feel as though you are ignoring them, which will just make them angrier.

Personal Touch

You don’t want to have a generic reply to send to every negative comment, as people can see through it and will know they aren’t really being heard. You want to first apologize for the situation, then provide a solution or offer to the patient. Communicate as if you were talking to a friend, and offer a personal touch by adding your name and their name in the reply. Taking a little extra time to make a personal and heartfelt apology can be the difference between losing or keeping a patient.

Keep The Discussion Open Online

Rather than trying to delete the comment or reaching out to the person offline to come to a resolution, don’t be afraid to keep your conversation online. This way, other followers can see how the exchange played out and will get a better sense of how you handle negative comments. If the conversation involves a lesson or information that could be useful for others, it is great to keep it on your social media page for others to look at and learn from, while seeing how well you handled the situation and how you care for your clients.

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