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3 Video Marketing Tips To Grow Your Practice

Video marketing is a new trend and powerful tool that can grow your practice if done correctly.

A few weeks ago, our blog post about key digital marketing trends for 2018 included the rising trend of video marketing. Making videos may seem daunting at first, but creating informative content is inexpensive and a powerful tool for gaining new clients. Since the trend is new and there are many ways to make videos, here are a few tips on how to effectively use video marketing for your medical practice.


While coming up with ideas for video content, remember that your main goal is to educate your current and potential new clients. A good topic for your first video is to answer client’s frequently asked questions and give information about yourself as well as the practice. While it’s important to provide educational content, you don’t want to sound robotic or read from a script. Patients and clients like when people show their personality in videos, as it helps build a level of transparency and can make them feel more comfortable when they enter the practice for the first time.

Show Them A Patient Experience

Many new clients want to know exactly what they’ll be getting into when they arrive at your practice, and video is a great way to show them what their visit will be like. A video of an office tour is useful for showing patients where they’ll be waiting and what the room will look like, and interviews of staff members and current clients can give them a good sense of what to expect. While not every procedure can be filmed, a walkthrough of a procedure on an actual client does very well with views and gaining new clients.

Short Videos Are Best

In the age of digital content, most people want their content delivered as quickly as possible. That being said, long videos don’t go over as well as shorter videos, as many people have short attention spans online. Keep videos under ten minutes, and be sure to get to the point of the video quickly. A long introduction is unnecessary and could result in losing viewers and potential new clients. In fact, studies show that the first ten seconds are the most important part of videos, as they either pull the viewer in or immediately lose their interest. Creating compelling videos that make people want to continue watching and learning is an inexpensive and powerful tool for growing your practice.

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