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3 Steps To Getting More Reviews For Your Medical Practice

Want to learn how to get more reviews for your medical practice on social media? Check out our tips!

Want to learn how to get more reviews for your medical practice on social media? Check out our tips!

A crucial step in social media marketing is engaging with your patients online, and reviews on your social media sites help to grow your business. With positive reviews from current or former patients, your practice’s credibility and reliability will increase in the eyes of those most essential to your business- prospective patients. In addition to gaining new patients and keeping your current patients happy, having multiple reviews on your social media will also improve your search engine rankings.

Ask Patients In Person

Facebook and Google My Business are the top two platforms where customers leave reviews, so the first step is to ensure that your practice is up-to-date on both platforms. Then, the best way to get more reviews is to ask patients in person after an appointment. Face-To-Face interaction is best because people are more likely to write a review after a personal request. Since the patient has spent the most time with their attending physician, they should be the one to ask for a review, rather than the front desk worker.

When asking a patient for a review, timing is crucial. Don’t ask for a review if they’ve been waiting a long time, or the appointment didn’t go as great as it could have. If you wait until the patient has had a great appointment, they are more likely to leave a positive review. To ensure that the person will follow through, let them know how your practice can benefit from a review, and say something like “I look forward to reading it tomorrow” to set a deadline.


Emailing a patient to leave a review is best when you’ve already asked in person, as it serves as a convenient reminder for them. You don’t want to sound too pushy, however, and should make the email as personal as possible. Also, there is a cool trick you can do to make it easier for your practice to get a 5-star review. On your practice’s Google page, go to the “write a review” page, then add a “,5” to the end of the link and copy it. This brings patients to your Google page, and the 5-stars are already filled, so all they will have to do is enter a comment. Don’t worry- the patient can still change the number of stars if they want to, so it’s not forcing patients to give a 5-star rating if they choose not to.

Offer Incentives

In addition to the previous steps, it never hurts to offer perks or incentives to motivate your patients to leave reviews! While it is unethical to offer something in exchange for positive reviews, there’s nothing wrong with giving something special for honest reviews. Whether you want to hold a giveaway for a small item by including everyone who reviews your practice on Google or Facebook or offer a coupon to those who leave reviews and follow your social media, the incentive route helps to grow your business while keeping your patients happy.

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