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3 Essential Medical Office Employee Training Initiatives

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Take a look at our three low-cost employee training initiatives that are essential to improving your medical practice.

When hiring new employees for your medical practice, it’s important not only to let your new hires know the outline of their job and how to do specific tasks but also to let them know what you expect of them and how to thrive at work. Nothing is harder for a new employee than trying to figure out how to please everyone without fully understanding expectations. Properly training employees help to manage expectations, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes. Here are three low-cost employee training initiatives that are essential to improving your medical practice.

Customer Service Training

Did you know that more than 75 percent of your patient interactions are with support staff, not one-on-one with a clinician or physician? Customer service skills are essential for all of your team, as overall patient experience is one of the most critical factors contributing to your bottom line. A staff with quality customer service can be the difference between satisfied patients and unhappy patients, so it is important to explain to your staff how the patient experience affects your practice.

Social Media Training

Rather than fighting social media and banning it at the office, your staff should embrace social media and help grow your online presence. If they spend their break looking at social media accounts, why not have them check in to your practice’s pages? Have your employees “check-in” to your business’s Facebook page, like and retweet posts on Twitter, and share their own ideas about what content you should be producing on social media. If everyone in your office did this once a day, your practice would grow online more and more each day- without spending any extra money.

Sales Training

Training your employees in sales will help your practice become profitable. Whether you are offering specialized services, wellness plans or products, your staff needs to understand everything about them and how to sell them. For instance, employees at a plastic surgery practice should know about all of the services offered and should be able to tell the patient about the benefits of the service and what they should expect. Also, it isn’t a bad idea to offer a simple service, such as a cosmetic service, to your employees free of charge every once in awhile. This way, they have a first-hand experience they can relay to the patient and have a deeper understanding of how the product or service works.

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