Medical and Small Business Consulting

About Us

With over 25 years of combined experience in the healthcare and business worlds, the Hyperion Consulting team is comprised of experts in all aspects of the medical industry – from pharmaceuticals and insurance, to plastic surgery and dermatology. We know first-hand the unique needs of a doctor’s office, and that for an independent practitioner in the medical field, there is nothing more important than creating an atmosphere of professionalism and ease in providing their years of experience and training to their patients. But when it comes to handling the necessities of successfully running an independent practice like any other small business, the responsibilities of daily operation rapidly take on new forms of financial and proprietary concerns unrelated to the familiar, yet crucial, healthcare tasks at-hand.

In today’s healthcare industry, the market is slowly shifting towards value-based and direct medical care. Without the proper training, many private practitioners are left to learn the business end of the medical field all on their own. At Hyperion Consulting, we combine our own years of experience in both the medical and business worlds to demystify the ever-changing business and internet practices that are shaping how you and your patients will be able to communicate for select the proper care, paving the way for the most productive and successful healthcare plan.

Each of our Premium Plans options have been expertly-designed to address specific areas of the medical business world, guaranteeing that success. While our Execution and Strategic Vision Plan specifically emphasizes the daily operations of a functioning medical office (everything from the initial marketing place to competitive analysis and staff training and assessment), our Growth Analysis Implementation Plan includes deliberate features (such as a regular evaluation report and strategy creation) to keep your practice successful as your own business expands. Hyperion Consulting’s own educational model grows with you, meeting your guidance needs as that prosperity continues to expand; with our Business Longevity and Implementation Plan (including such features as an in-depth growth analysis and 5-year marketing plan and electronic medical record development strategy), we can work with those private practices that are already successful and want to plan accordingly for maintaining that growth. We also create custom packages to suit the most unique needs of our individual clients.

Located in Ellicott City, we proudly serve members of the healthcare industry throughout Baltimore County, Howard County, and the surrounding areas of Maryland – and our services are available to all healthcare practitioners nationwide. Let Hyperion Consulting help you create the perfect medical practice that you’ve envisioned, ensuring that your focus will always be where it belongs – on the wellbeing of your patients.Call 443-752-2524 and contact Hyperion Consulting today for a free consultation and let us know your unique business needs.